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Crafted specifically for your needs. Discover your fit.

Crafted specifically for your needs. Discover your fit. We’ve given the life and design of our button up shirts, as well as each fit, a lot of thought. We’re actually obsessed over the detailing, measurements, and fabric. All of it with you in mind.

Each fit is meant to be worn everywhere doing everything you want and need to do from casual days off, nights out, for play, for a job interview to business-casual, a first date, a wedding and everything in between. Go tucked or untucked (we added a subtle, silky detail to the sides of the hem as a nod to those whose preference is untucked).

So, when it comes to fit, it’s really up to you and what feels right. We know there are those who are considered “slim” but they prefer a looser fit so they may choose the Regular or Relaxed cut. Or the man who has a “larger body” but is still in shape — he may choose XL or XXL in either Fitted or Semi-Fitted. That’s all fine by us. The choice is yours.


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Regular Shirt

Regular Shirt

A classic, casual fit offering more room in the shoulders, chest, and arms than Semi-Fitted. Slightly tapered to the waist (prevents billowing when the shirt is tucked in) creating a slimmer look than our Relaxed Fit without having the close-to-the-body cut & feel as our Fitted cut. Sleeves are marginally boxier. This cut is timeless & spans generations (meaning it’s been around for a long time — think of your father or grandfather, why it’s a “classic” fit) for those who lean more towards comfort over fashion.

Slightly Tapered The slightly closer to the waist cut prevents billowing when shirt is tucked in.

On Body With Comfort

Drapes comfortably on chest & body without feeling fitted.

Comparison Measurements 1.25" slimmer chest and 2.5” slimmer waist than Relaxed fit.

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Fitted Shirts

Fitted Shirts

Our slimmest fit. Often this is fit is referred to as Slim, Tailored or Athletic as this is the narrowest fitting shirt in our collection. Streamlined, form-fitted through the shoulders, chest & waist for a close-to-the-body, tailored silhouette that offers darts at the back and a higher armhole. This fit is modern & up-to-the-moment as excess fabric is eliminated in the initial cut.

Streamlined Form-fitted through the shoulders, chest and waist.

On Body A tailored, sharp, close-to-the-body silhouette offering a higher arm-hole and darts at the back.

Comparison Measurements 0.20” slimmer chest and 0.50” slimmer waist than Semi-Fitted.

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Semi-Fitted Shirt

Semi-Fitted Shirt

Contoured, tailored in the torso and sleeves without being tight overall (the torso is slightly fitted but you’ll still have room to breathe comfortably after Sunday Brunch). Flattering for the individual with a physique that is in shape but prefers a less-fitted cut. This fit sits in between our Fitted & Regular cuts offering the best of both when it comes to style & comfort with a trimmer look than our Regular Fit while still looking good without a jacket or sport coat and not sacrificing comfort.

Contoured Slightly fitted in the torso and sleeves without being tight overall.

On Body

More tailored than our Regular fit; not as close-to-the body as our Fitted cut. Flattering for the individual with a physique that is in shape but prefers a less-fitted cut.

Comparison Measurements 0.50” slimmer chest and 1.2” slimmer waist than Regular Fit.

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Featuring a fuller, more relaxed fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist than our Regular Fit. Overall this fit offers a more generous cut that is looser in the body & sleeves. Appropriately compliments men with a larger body. This is definitely more of a casual look with a loose fit due to the copious fabric allowance.

Generous Cut Looser cut in the body and sleeves.

On Body Roomier & relaxed overall due to copious fabric allowance.

Comparison Measurements 1.25” looser in chest and 2.25” looser in waist than Regular-Fitted.

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