The only Men's shirt. Here's why.


By Susan Szudar

The Modern Shirt

Men’s shirts have been a staple of the masculine wardrobe since the rise of the standard office business suit during the early 20th century.  Shirts communicate both the wearer's personal style and where he is headed; they are usually worn to the office, after-hours business functions, and meetings. Today, however, there are no boundaries for a truly modern shirt— it can and should go anywhere.

Modern Shirt Everywear

Today's dress shirts come in a wide variety of colors, and neither white nor blue collars reflect anything but the wearer's taste. The men’s button-up shirt, if done right, can claim serious frequent-flyer miles by crossing a variety of terrains & occasions, sometimes without an accompanying jacket. The right button-up shirt can travel from a suit to slacks to jeans to shorts to joggers and back again.

Modern - Goes Anywhere, Everywhere

We’ve chosen a men’s button-up.  Button-up describes a shirt that obviously buttons up the front, but also uses a premium collar stay that don’t use buttons to keep the collar down.  With the collar up and straight, this gives the shirt more of a modern, sleek look.


It’s also about the fit.  A well-fitted shirt is an essential part of a man's wardrobe for business and for pleasure. With a good fit, a man looks neater and often feels more confident. Many professional stylists contend that a properly fitted and styled dress shirt elevates the suit and tie worn with it, making it look more expensive than it is. The best shirt can stand alone effortlessly, confidently, stylishly no matter what it’s worn with — or without.

Goes Everywear - Made & Mastered Shirts

The modern shirt has all the right details and is versatile.  Made & Mastered uses an exclusive, innovative-technology based fabric that makes each shirt ultra-soft, lightweight, breathable and allows for the fabric to flow and fit your body comfortably.  Our unique fabric works as hard as you do; the blend is able to hold and retain color better than plain cotton shirts giving it a richness and longer lasting hand, each shirt is easy care, machine washable, is anti-microbial and resistant to wrinkling.  Simply smart, styled and no fuss. 


The possibilities are endless: Turn the cuffs back to reveal the luxuriously soft, silky lining for a more stylish look whether going casual or going out on the town.  Same with the collar: Go ahead — go unbuttoned a bit, catch some air under those wings because unbuttoned reveals the oh-so-subtle contrast lining inside the collar that feels as good as it looks. When we think of how much use you’ll get from our shirts — spanning a variety of occasions, experiences, time zones & climates you’ll see why this is The Every-Wear shirt. 

Everywhere, Everywear - Made & Mastered Shirts


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